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Not a question. Just kudos. Love the stories you tell with your photos. My weak photographic skills have been a hindrance in my creative blog, so I admire someone with such skill and artistry.


Thank you so much!! I’m loving your designs and upcycling!! So creative and fabulous!! I found your link on Kickstart and am impressed! Holler if I can help with anything! I also help peeps tell their digital stories. 

In the throes of editing the latest Beauty In Life project. So honored that this family invited me into their home for an overnight stay and complete access to documenting their little ones. 

Such a beautiful, lovely family!! Thanks!!!

It’s rare that I get to work with a small business and produce black and white promotional images. I’m working with a local chiropractor’s office on building their storytelling platform, starting with a shiny new parallax styled WordPress site.

The office is filled with such a beautiful natural light, that I couldn’t resist converting the images to black and white. And given the minimalistic nature of their website design— I think this is going to look absolutely amazing. 

Here are just a few of my favorites! More to come once the site goes live! 

I just took the latest Sustainable Storyteller site live a few weeks ago and am sooooo excited to announce it here! 

The amazing folks at Chronic Conditions Center hired me to build their entire Storytelling Platform from scratch for their practice’s rebranding! We went all mobile-responsive and even took an afternoon to document the CCC peeps in action to take their Story to a new visual height!

So honored and blessed to have lovely clients like CCC!! And if you’re in the Williamsburg, VA area and need some chiropractic and health expertise— give them a shout!! They are amazing! 

Asking the Universe to Dance. Have you asked lately? #spirituality #consciousness

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I had the lovely fortune to document two lovely little ladies enjoying a late afternoon playtime at the beach this week. Truly a little slice of Beauty In Life.

The lovely little Guy let me document his bedtime ritual with his mom and dad recently. Such an adorable little man! So enjoyed photographing him!

Yes, I photographed a cookie factory last week in Savannah. @byrdcookieco was just delicious!! And so lovely to spend time with. Not a bad gig.

Who doesn’t love a few gorgeous dried flowers?

My morning commute after a torrential downpour on my shoot in Savannah, G.A. Two miles down a sand road, passed another “commuter” driving a pickup through the ruts in the road with his chocolate lab happily running along beside him. So glad I drove my pickup for this shoot!

The lovely sustainable farm I visited was well worth the trek through the Georgia low country to find it. I love working in the country!

Today I traveled deep into the Low Country, south of Savannah, to photograph Verdant Kitchen  and their amazingly beautiful and delicious ginger harvest for a Whole Foods assignment.

As soon as I landed, the heavens opened up and dumped a ridiculous amount of rain, thunder and lightening on us. Undeterred, we managed to photograph some of this gorgeous ginger and the face behind the spice.

Hoping to make it back to this 1000 acre plantation one day soon— when the sun is out— to document this amazing farm and all it’s lovely ginger, live oaks, Spanish moss and the occasional gator lurking along the river.

Excited to head down to Savannah for a series of vendor portraits for Whole Foods! I always meet the most amazing people on these assignments! #sustainability #organicliving

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