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Broaden Your Online Communication Tool Box

As creatures of habit, we tend to utilize the business tools that we are most familiar with and…

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How We Tell Our Story & Why It Matters

How many times have you tried to explain your business/art/project to a stranger and been met with…

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Zombies, Zombies Everywhere!!

What do I see around me?

I see people who have checked out.I see Zombies zooming down the highway…

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A Blind Eye

Do you walk through your day with a blind eye to the kindness and compassion that stands before you?

Do you shield yourself with the ancient wisdom of the world’s religions which you’ve twisted and tormented to justify your anger and hatred towards others?

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What Makes A Simple Life?

What do you put inside your precious 24 hours?

Who do you spend a portion of those hours with? Do they bring joy and beauty into your world– or pain and sorrow?

Are you actually present with the special people you place in your world- or is your mind…

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 A little essay on soul mates and a deeper version of Love from the Storytelling Traveler!

Making some last minute tweaks to lighting. The main camera- complete with an Interrotron telemprompter for direct eye-contact while looking into the camera. Sound is key!! The Directors (Graham Copeland on the left, Kevin from TFS on the right) interviewing w/the Interrotron. Multiple cameras, boom mics and lights abound!!

A quick behind the scenes peak at my recent producer project for The Flores Shop. Production crew is Glossy Creative and they did a fabulous job!

Trying to get the puppy to pose by the Christmas tree. #fail Hoping she doesn’t grow into those legs!

I’m taking my Studio website mobile!! After some tinkering, Visual-Storyteller.Com is now responsive!

The newest addition to my life. Meet Brandy, an adorable hound/weimeriner mix who I adopted last week. And so begins the Brandy chapter of my life.

Siri brought me here. And told me to turn left. And I did. Siri says I'll be there in 1/2 mile. Not quite what I was looking for, but beautiful. Siri says my destination will be on the right. Uhhh...ok. Siri says I have arrived. Ummm... not quite.

I recently had to rely on Siri and my iPad’s new Apple Maps to help me navigate the rural Eastern Shore for a Whole Foods photo shoot in Virginia. I had 14 destinations— some in the middle of f***ing nowhere — and the iPad was all I had. No map would show these destinations. Shockingly— she led me to the proper destination on each location- even if she was off by a few hundred yards. Still- she was a life-saver!

Just a shot of the lovely ladies from Paradox Pastry! I had the pleasure of documenting them in action at their hopping and happening cafe in the warehouse district of Charlottesville, VA. We began working together in April, when they were relentlessly working on bringing the vision of their cafe to life. We started with a website to show off their cakes, did a fabulous social media workshop and then scheduled this photo shoot! 

So amazed to see their vision come to life!! Oh, and did I mention how amazingly fabulous their food is?? Guinness Chocolate Cakes, Ham & Swiss Croissants to die for and brownies that will make you weep! Oh, and did I mention that the owner graduated from the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris? Seriously, just make the trip to #CVille and revel in the culinary divinity!!


This interview is a must listen to!! And I’ll be tackling his new book soon!

Chris Hedges: The Absurdity of American Empire - GRITtv with Laura Flanders on Blip

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I am missing this place right now.



This applies to a lot of freelancer and creative professional work. 

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