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The beauty of working from The Barn all day is the lovely little perks of nature that surround me. Oh, and the beautiful sounds of solitude (with the occasional blast of a shotgun- it is the South).

Yesterday, I decided to take a break from my epic session of proposal writing for new clients and water the garden. It’s 200+ degrees outside- they must be thirsty!

I picked this lovely little Cucumber off the vine, sliced em up and filled a mason jar with water and this lovely treat. After several hours of cooling- this delicious treat kept me motivated until the wee hours of the morning as I plugged away with my spreadsheets and InDesign.

I know, Cucumber Water isn’t a new invention, but for someone whose been working on the road for the past two years, the fact that I can pick a veggie off the vine and pop a mason jar of goodness into my fridge thrills me to no end!

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