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I’m embracing the Tumblr fully for my business portfolio. After a new business meeting the other day, with a locally-based organization with international reach and clients- I realized that my existing site on Photoshelter is designed for photo editors, not CEOs or Creative Directors who aren’t photographers

I needed something simple, beautiful and all in one place to help explain what I do to potential clients. And I needed it yesterday!

Enter my favorite online entity- the Tumblr!!!

The reasons I went here until my main site is built (which could be awhile):



The pictures are big and the videos embed nicely

And did I mention how simple it was? Yea, easy, super easy.

When you’re focused on landing new business in a new town and learning/defining your place in the existing market- tinkering with websites is the last thing you have time for.

Thanks, Tumblr, for giving me the means to be up and running quickly and efficiently!

My latest Online Storytelling Project goes live!

This spring, Paradox Pastry hired me to help bring their story to the online world. I created a comprehensive, four-phased plan to help them get from their exisiting static website (circa 2009- which they were unable to update) to a responsive Wordpress site optimized and connected to social media. I also built them a social media strategy and workshop and got all of their accounts online and connected to the site.

Next we’ll be moving into the visual storytelling phase and I’ll be training them on accessing, updating and blogging through Wordpress.

Check out their site at and swing by for a yummy treat if you’re in the Charlottesville area!

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