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It’s a rare occurrence when the perfect intersection of creativity, vision, chemistry, weather, teamwork and serendipity converge to produce a week of intense, high pressure production that feels as natural as any day at in front of the computer editing photos or answering emails. Weeks like this remind me of why I do this work and show me the depth and scope of a skill set that’s taken my entire adult life to cultivate. This week, I worked with an amazing ad agency to produce a series of television commercials for one of their clients. My role was to produce the spots and to also shoot production stills for a print campaign during our 3 days of filming on location. My duties covered the gamut of production; from finding locations and scouting trips, to creating production schedules and talent packets to assembling storyboards and helping line up the documentary film crew, to ordering the dinners, organizing the craft services and making the coffee before the crew left for sunrise shots. Seeing my background of photojournalism and multimedia production merge into this perfect role- as a producer for another company- was fascinating and rewarding endeavor. And the footage the team gathered is simply amazing! Now- to take this project into post and see what emerges will be insanely refreshing and exciting. More to come shortly!!

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