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Siri brought me here. And told me to turn left. And I did. Siri says I'll be there in 1/2 mile. Not quite what I was looking for, but beautiful. Siri says my destination will be on the right. Uhhh...ok. Siri says I have arrived. Ummm... not quite.

I recently had to rely on Siri and my iPad’s new Apple Maps to help me navigate the rural Eastern Shore for a Whole Foods photo shoot in Virginia. I had 14 destinations— some in the middle of f***ing nowhere — and the iPad was all I had. No map would show these destinations. Shockingly— she led me to the proper destination on each location- even if she was off by a few hundred yards. Still- she was a life-saver!

While on a portrait shoot for Whole Foods last week, I had the lovely opportunity to photograph the most stunning farm and intriguing farm animals. There’s a farmer inside of me dying to get out! Click this link to see more of this Virginia farm!

The latest commercial multimedia production from Street Studios!! We shot this film in Southern Pines, N.C. for our client’s website to help better explain their product to new customers! Our insanely talented programmers also translated TerraSoft’s marketing materials into a website to help promote this horse bedding as it goes to market in the spring.

Enjoy!! And shoot us an email when you’re ready to bring your message to the world!

The Project: Westbrook Farms Identity Narrative

Still Images/Audio: Crystal Street

Production: Street Studios

Westbrook Farms approached Street Studios with a perplexing challenge- to help bring this hay brokerage company into the online arena using a visual narrative to connect the audience with the vivacious personality of Westbrook’s owner and educate the customer about the intricacies of buying and selling hay.

We chose to spend several days documenting the owner, using still images and ambient audio, as he traveled throughout Southern Pines, N.C. touching base with clients and checking on the distribution of hay from a recent harvest. After the shoot, we conducted an indepth interview with the owner and wove the story of the company, its logistics and the nuances of hay into a narrative for use on Westbrook’s website. We are currently working with Westbrook to build a digital platform for funneling customers to learn more about the company and how to order hay through the farm.

This video was produced by Street Studios for Whole Foods Market to promote a new country ham product launch for the southern region. The video lives on the Whole Foods Blog highlighting their Farm to Market campaign. The content was shot and produced by Crystal Street.

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