Documenting life experiences that tell stories, create perceptions, preserve moments or evoke emotions.


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What Do You Manifest?

Open your eyes and take a look at the world around you.

Your world.

The people you wake up to every morning, the people you surround yourself with as you travel through your day. Open your ears and hear the words.

Your words.

The phrases that come from your mouth and the language that you speak as you travel through your day. Are your words filled with hope and optimism, or are they tainted with fear, hate and malice?

Open your heart for one brief moment and what do you see? Is it shriveled and limp, like the Grinch, beaten down by life or discarded by your actions as an irrelevant organ that simply keeps your blood flowing?

Or is your heart large and vast, encompassing the world around you and radiating the beauty- and sometimes the sorrow- you see as you walk through this world with your eyes and ears open?


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