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In the throes of editing the latest Beauty In Life project. So honored that this family invited me into their home for an overnight stay and complete access to documenting their little ones. 

Such a beautiful, lovely family!! Thanks!!!

I had the lovely fortune to document two lovely little ladies enjoying a late afternoon playtime at the beach this week. Truly a little slice of Beauty In Life.

The lovely little Guy let me document his bedtime ritual with his mom and dad recently. Such an adorable little man! So enjoyed photographing him!

Today I traveled deep into the Low Country, south of Savannah, to photograph Verdant Kitchen  and their amazingly beautiful and delicious ginger harvest for a Whole Foods assignment.

As soon as I landed, the heavens opened up and dumped a ridiculous amount of rain, thunder and lightening on us. Undeterred, we managed to photograph some of this gorgeous ginger and the face behind the spice.

Hoping to make it back to this 1000 acre plantation one day soon— when the sun is out— to document this amazing farm and all it’s lovely ginger, live oaks, Spanish moss and the occasional gator lurking along the river.

Excited to head down to Savannah for a series of vendor portraits for Whole Foods! I always meet the most amazing people on these assignments! #sustainability #organicliving

I’m embracing the Tumblr fully for my business portfolio. After a new business meeting the other day, with a locally-based organization with international reach and clients- I realized that my existing site on Photoshelter is designed for photo editors, not CEOs or Creative Directors who aren’t photographers

I needed something simple, beautiful and all in one place to help explain what I do to potential clients. And I needed it yesterday!

Enter my favorite online entity- the Tumblr!!!

The reasons I went here until my main site is built (which could be awhile):



The pictures are big and the videos embed nicely

And did I mention how simple it was? Yea, easy, super easy.

When you’re focused on landing new business in a new town and learning/defining your place in the existing market- tinkering with websites is the last thing you have time for.

Thanks, Tumblr, for giving me the means to be up and running quickly and efficiently!

A Powerless Weekend & Documenting the REC Linemen

Virginia took a beating last week with a round of thunderstorms that no one anticipated. Over 800K homes in the state lost power- and some still don’t have the juice back on almost a week out. I arrived at the Barn about 10 minutes ahead of the storm. The power died, I realized I had no matches and I listened nervously as the 60+ mile hour winds howled through the Barn and hoped that the tell tale sign of a tornado- that sound of a train bearing down on you- didn’t present itself. Luckily, it didn’t. So, I went to bed in the stifling heat and hoped that the power would return in the AM. It didn’t. For three days.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. I’m laying on the couch, in the middle of a massive heat-wave with no AC, no power and now no water at the Barn. I’m reminding myself that I used to spend my summers in the developing world, where the heat was worse, the air was fully polluted and you didn’t really want to have much to do with the water anyway. Big deal, I can weather this little inconvenience. And in comes a call from a client needing shots on the fly. In 12 hours. Two hours away. In the heat, documenting the linemen trying to restore power to the Culpeper region. Hell yes! Anything to get out of this Barn and into something productive.

Are the batteries charged? No. Can I charge them now, no. Have I showered recently and can I shower somewhere tomorrow- early? Yes. With all the major items covered, I went to bed with the knowledge that I’d be documenting something pretty sweet in the morning. Works for me.

Four a.m. at the barn rolls around and all the lights explode into life in the Barn! Woo-hoo!! Power! I get up to turn the AC on, lay back down and they die. Really? I fell back asleep- if you call it that- somewhere in-between sleep and misery in that kind of heat- and then the Barn lights up again. And this time it sticks. I jump up and crank that AC, plug in my camera batteries and try to catch another hour or two of sleep before I jump in the truck and head north.

So, this is where the Universe inserts itself into those little moments just for comedic value. I roll out of bed, ready for an adventure with the linemen and head to the kitchen to revel in the beauty of running tap water. I turn the faucet and water explodes- everywhere- from BENEATH the sink!! WTF?? I’m still in my PJs, I’m thinking of my day ahead and now my feet are soaked. And so is my floor. And its going EVERYWHERE!!! And not stopping.

My landlord, who lives 100 yards away runs over to the rescue and turns off the water. We start mopping and I’m looking at my time schedule for the day go to shit, rapidly. But, I was able to salvage the timing and get on the road without too much delay.

And then the work began. Phew!! The shoot was fascinating and I have a new appreciation for the work that goes into keeping my lights on and my camera batteries charged.

And if Virginia keeps rolling in these storms (three major ones in a week— w/tornadoes) I’ll be seriously considering solar panels soon. Oh, and that emergency weather kit I forgot to purchase, yea- that’s next on the list!

Have my phone in my pocket, waiting for the call that Mary’s gone into labor!! I’ll be documenting the Saou’s first child’s entry into this world in just a few days! So excited and honored to be a part of such an occasion!

Parents to be! Mother & Daughter

Photographing Mary’s baby shower was a pure delight! Such a loving and happy family! Mary has hired me to document the birth of their first child and I can not wait to experience such an amazing moment with this family!

Just a few shots from Mary’s baby shower. Mary has hired me to document the birth of her first child in July! Should be an amazing adventure!

These images were taken in a 1:1 format with a Canon G12. It was my first real experiment with the camera in a professional setting and the creative outlet was a blast!

A little afternoon eye-candy for the wanderlust in us all. This image was taken from the deck outside of my cabin room as our 15 hour ferry ride to Manado, Indonesia limped into it’s final destination. We blew an engine (or two) halfway into our journey. It was a long night, to say the least.

(ps- if you like it, get an art print by clicking the photo)

While on a portrait shoot for Whole Foods last week, I had the lovely opportunity to photograph the most stunning farm and intriguing farm animals. There’s a farmer inside of me dying to get out! Click this link to see more of this Virginia farm!

Could the Nelson kids be any cooler? Chilling in Paris, wearing clothes they picked out while shopping. Yes, he’s wearing a Fedora. Cool. And I was lucky enough to be hired to document their family vacation in Italy and France.

Personal documentary photo shoot in Italy and France.

This inventive lady has transformed the wheelchair into a bike. She is pedaling this chair to the mailbox.

Waiting for the south-bound Amtrak.

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