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It’s rare that I get to work with a small business and produce black and white promotional images. I’m working with a local chiropractor’s office on building their storytelling platform, starting with a shiny new parallax styled WordPress site.

The office is filled with such a beautiful natural light, that I couldn’t resist converting the images to black and white. And given the minimalistic nature of their website design— I think this is going to look absolutely amazing. 

Here are just a few of my favorites! More to come once the site goes live! 

I just took the latest Sustainable Storyteller site live a few weeks ago and am sooooo excited to announce it here! 

The amazing folks at Chronic Conditions Center hired me to build their entire Storytelling Platform from scratch for their practice’s rebranding! We went all mobile-responsive and even took an afternoon to document the CCC peeps in action to take their Story to a new visual height!

So honored and blessed to have lovely clients like CCC!! And if you’re in the Williamsburg, VA area and need some chiropractic and health expertise— give them a shout!! They are amazing! 

I’m An Anomaly

What does a Storytelling Traveler write about when the traveling stops? This has been my struggle for the past six months. And I still don’t have an answer.

The East Coast- where I’m currently residing- has many challenges for me. This region of the world is so far engrained in the rat race that I feel that energy to my core. So much so, that rather than settle in the city, as I’d planned, I’m living in a Barn in the countryside. And it’s keeping me sane.

Visit Storytelling Traveler to read more.

Taking Visual Storytelling Mobile- All Down & Dirty Like

I stumbled upon this little gem yesterday and it made my heart all a flutter. A mobile reporters field guide!! 

I am perpetually looking for ways to employ my documentary storytelling skills without the weight and complexity of all the “torture-chamber-esque” new gear for DSLR Hybrids. Hell, if I could revert back to film tomorrow for all client work I would- but those days have passed!

So, when I stumbled upon this little guidebook for mobile journalism via the iPhone on Multimedia Shooter, my heart skipped a beat! Could I possibly make a small- yet powerful- storytelling kit from a mirror-less camera system (eye-balling the Fuji x100 & x-Pro) and these accessories designed for journalists on the fly?

After reading this fabulous book- with reviews, pros/cons and advice on everything from stabilizing to professional audio to editing on the iPad- my hopes were rekindled! This little book rocks and I know it was given the proper love and attention needed for photojournalists turned commercial producers since it was written by Richard Koci Hernandez, whose work I’ve admired for some time.

During the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting with companies I hope to call clients one day very soon. And each one has stated the specific need for small, documentary storytelling along with nimble and quick video production. They want real documentation of actual events/realities for their clients and they don’t want the REAL polished out of it or an 8 week post production schedule. They’ve voiced their opinions about working with large film production companies- which can do amazing work- but are often unnecessary, overstated and overzealous for a majority of their client’s storytelling needs.

And this is a gap I’ve seen in the marketplace for some time and now have the means and vision to fill. Now, I can and do bring my team in for the nice polished productions when necessary. And the work is beautiful- but it takes a team.

I’ve been wanting to dabble in full production that meets my requirements- which are simple- with all this new technology. I don’t want the gear to hinder my abilities to tell the story. I’m a trained photojournalist- this is my specialty.

That’s it.

Oh, and I don’t want to have to visit the chiropractor after each assignment, buy new systems each year or spend all my time re-learning Final Cut every time Apple gets a wild hair up its ass.

I want to tell the story. I want to do it without interference and with a simple, understated beauty that connects the audience to the purpose of the story. And that’s what my clients want as well.

And this little guide has helped me see the merging of technology and size to help me meet my goals and provide the the type of service that the market is demanding. Thanks for creating it, koci.

(Yea, I recently added an iPad pen and doodling apps to my production toolkit. I purchased them for location scouting notes- but the fun factor is enjoyable. If only the pen function didn’t look like a tequila soaked frat-boy snagged my iPad, I’d be happy!)

A Powerless Weekend & Documenting the REC Linemen

Virginia took a beating last week with a round of thunderstorms that no one anticipated. Over 800K homes in the state lost power- and some still don’t have the juice back on almost a week out. I arrived at the Barn about 10 minutes ahead of the storm. The power died, I realized I had no matches and I listened nervously as the 60+ mile hour winds howled through the Barn and hoped that the tell tale sign of a tornado- that sound of a train bearing down on you- didn’t present itself. Luckily, it didn’t. So, I went to bed in the stifling heat and hoped that the power would return in the AM. It didn’t. For three days.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. I’m laying on the couch, in the middle of a massive heat-wave with no AC, no power and now no water at the Barn. I’m reminding myself that I used to spend my summers in the developing world, where the heat was worse, the air was fully polluted and you didn’t really want to have much to do with the water anyway. Big deal, I can weather this little inconvenience. And in comes a call from a client needing shots on the fly. In 12 hours. Two hours away. In the heat, documenting the linemen trying to restore power to the Culpeper region. Hell yes! Anything to get out of this Barn and into something productive.

Are the batteries charged? No. Can I charge them now, no. Have I showered recently and can I shower somewhere tomorrow- early? Yes. With all the major items covered, I went to bed with the knowledge that I’d be documenting something pretty sweet in the morning. Works for me.

Four a.m. at the barn rolls around and all the lights explode into life in the Barn! Woo-hoo!! Power! I get up to turn the AC on, lay back down and they die. Really? I fell back asleep- if you call it that- somewhere in-between sleep and misery in that kind of heat- and then the Barn lights up again. And this time it sticks. I jump up and crank that AC, plug in my camera batteries and try to catch another hour or two of sleep before I jump in the truck and head north.

So, this is where the Universe inserts itself into those little moments just for comedic value. I roll out of bed, ready for an adventure with the linemen and head to the kitchen to revel in the beauty of running tap water. I turn the faucet and water explodes- everywhere- from BENEATH the sink!! WTF?? I’m still in my PJs, I’m thinking of my day ahead and now my feet are soaked. And so is my floor. And its going EVERYWHERE!!! And not stopping.

My landlord, who lives 100 yards away runs over to the rescue and turns off the water. We start mopping and I’m looking at my time schedule for the day go to shit, rapidly. But, I was able to salvage the timing and get on the road without too much delay.

And then the work began. Phew!! The shoot was fascinating and I have a new appreciation for the work that goes into keeping my lights on and my camera batteries charged.

And if Virginia keeps rolling in these storms (three major ones in a week— w/tornadoes) I’ll be seriously considering solar panels soon. Oh, and that emergency weather kit I forgot to purchase, yea- that’s next on the list!

My latest Online Storytelling Project goes live!

This spring, Paradox Pastry hired me to help bring their story to the online world. I created a comprehensive, four-phased plan to help them get from their exisiting static website (circa 2009- which they were unable to update) to a responsive Wordpress site optimized and connected to social media. I also built them a social media strategy and workshop and got all of their accounts online and connected to the site.

Next we’ll be moving into the visual storytelling phase and I’ll be training them on accessing, updating and blogging through Wordpress.

Check out their site at and swing by for a yummy treat if you’re in the Charlottesville area!

Every so often, I’m hired to shoot a wedding filled with pure joy and love. Last weekend was one such occasion. A dear friend from my time at UNC married the love of his life last weekend, and I was blessed enough to be asked to document the day.

Wow. Not only was the wedding itself filled with love and emotion- but the reception was an event to remember. A full bluegrass band, on a farm just outside of Chapel Hill- what a better way to celebrate such an amazing couple. There were dear friends from around the country- and the world- all gathered to celebrate. These are some of my dearest friends from a lovely time in my life- filled with academics, music, philosophical conversations and a community that I doubt I’ll ever find again. To see everyone gathered, dancing and letting it all hang out was pure bliss.

I know it’s a rare occurrence to document something so beautiful- and to participate at the same time- but it truly was the best wedding I’ve ever photographed and attended. Here’s a little sample, though there are thousands of images yet to edit. And I have to say, my little Canon G12 made this shoot even more amazing. I had to join in the dancing- I just couldn’t watch the joy any longer- I had to participate! And dancing with that little camera in hand allowed me to capture images that truly show the joy, the laughter and all the little images that really shouldn’t be placed on the internet- but will live in infamy among a circle of friends for some time to come.

Thank you Aaron and Maren! Truly an amazing celebration!

Just a few shots from Mary’s baby shower. Mary has hired me to document the birth of her first child in July! Should be an amazing adventure!

These images were taken in a 1:1 format with a Canon G12. It was my first real experiment with the camera in a professional setting and the creative outlet was a blast!

This letter harbors a multitude of theories and philosophical perspectives acquired over my many years as a visual storyteller, perpetual nomad and avid student of an unconventional life.

I’ve revamped things a bit! Sign up and take it out for a spin!

This inventive lady has transformed the wheelchair into a bike. She is pedaling this chair to the mailbox.

I little quaint walk in the Italian Alps at Riva Del Garda. I don’t think this town could possibly be more beautiful. Image by Crystal Street from the collection.

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